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Logging in your Child

Mathletics provides 3 simple options for your child to access the program.

Option 1. Quick login

  • Login to the Parent Hub

  • Click Quick login

Option 2. Mathletics login home page

  • Student login: here
  • Use your child’s username and password found on the home page of your parent hub

Option 3. Download the student app

  • The Mathletics student app has been built from the ground up for a faster and more seamless learning experience. Student favourites including Multiverse, Play Paws and Rainforest Maths are now at home in the app, along with curriculum activities, support, assessments and so much more!

No internet? No problem!

  • The new Mathletics app for students has a great offline mode. Curriculum activities, and My Progress results can all be accessed in offline mode if students have previously accessed the content online. Results for activities completed are stored on your child’s device and sync back to their account when the internet is available again, perfect for learning on the go!