Integrating the Science of Reading for Vocabulary Success

Wednesday, April 10th at 4pm MT | 6pm ET.
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Presented by: Allison Ireland, Director of Product at 3P Learning

Description: Join us as we dive deep into the Science of Reading to explore effective strategies for addressing vocabulary gaps in learners. Through a combination of phonics, spelling, and targeted vocabulary instruction, educators will gain valuable insights into fostering vocabulary development alongside speaking and listening skills. From whole-class reading activities to cross-grade buddy read-aloud sessions and personalized word lists, this EdChat offers practical tools and techniques to empower teachers in nurturing robust vocabularies among their students. Join us to discover evidence-based approaches that can revolutionize language learning in your classroom.

About the presenter: Allison Ireland brings two decades of experience supporting teachers and improving education, most recently as a Director of Product with 3P Learning. She’s dedicated her career to crafting engaging curriculum materials that support evidence-based learning. Her passion lies in fostering supportive environments where educators thrive and students excel, making her a trusted partner in your journey toward educational excellence.

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