Cracking the Code:  What is the Preferred Approach to Teaching Reading?

Wednesday February 22, 3pm MST / 5pm EST
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EdChat with Sheila Robitaille

Learn the approach to teaching reading that works best for you.

Presented by: Sheila Robitaille, M.Ed., B.S., OCT

Description: Top educators have debated this for years.  In this session, we will take a deep dive into the Analytic Approach and the Systematic Synthetic Approach to reading instruction and then let you decide

About the presenter: Sheila Robitaille, M.Ed., B.S., OCT, is a veteran teacher and educational leader with 27 years of experience as a classroom teacher, program director, professional development specialist and principal. Her experience spans across both Canada and the United States, both elementary and high school, and in both public and private schools. She is passionate about developing teachers by providing them with tools that support best educational practices.

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